Takeaways From My 100k Run

Hello Friends! It’s so great to be exchanging energy with you, as always! I hope that You ALL are Thriving and Enjoying Life.

Let’s get right into it, shall we!?

A week ago, I ran 100k in 1 Day (10.5 Hours to be exact).

It was wild! It was tough! And it was a HUGE learning experience.

Here’s a quick backstory…I was initially supposed to compete in a race called The Scenic Rim 105k Ultra Marathon. After years of training and months of preparation, I found out a week before the race, that I would be unable to compete, due to the COVID state border closings in Australia. I then, created my own event, where my beautiful lady, Misha, and I were going to rent a car and camp out in the cool back trails of Australia while I completed the 100k on my own with Misha as my crew. I showed up at the rental car company to pick up the car, and I was unable to rent the car, due technical error. I then, found a car and organized to rent it from one of my coworkers at the Thai Restaurant I’m working at. The morning I was supposed to rent it, his dog passed away and he would need his car. AND THEN GUESS WHAT…My beautiful lady Misha had to make the tough decision to go back home to Czech Republic! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! MY LOVER WAS LEAVING! ALL OF THIS HAPPENED IN JUST TWO DAYS. What a wild series of events, am I right!?

So, what did I do? I said fuck it to the run and decided it wasn’t meant to be.

HA! Just kidding. I organized it, well kind of, so that I was going to do the run around the area where I live. It wasn’t optimal conditions; no aid stations, no crew, no pacer, no set course, no rental car, no competitors, no fans, no Misha, nothing. Just me, myself, and the support from all you beautiful Beings!

But guess what!? I did it! And only two days after the date of the 105k Scenic Rim Ultra. I told myself that I was going to do it, no matter what! I couldn’t let a couple obstacles get in the way! Am I right!? Anyways guys, I ended up waking up, the morning after my sweet Misha left, at 3:30 last Tuesday and started running. I finished the 101k in just over 10.5 hours. I watched sunrise and sunset, running. It was an amazing day to celebrate having two legs. Life’s pretty AWEmazing, that’s for sure.

Many asked me “Why” I wanted to do something like this. And here’s my short answer…a couple months ago, I wrote down on a piece of paper that I wanted to run 100k/ 63miles in one day. So, that’s Why.

My deeper response is, Because I’m obsessed with “The Unknown”. “The Unknown” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the questions that can not be answered when trying to plan an experience out. Questions like, What am I going to learn from running 100k? How will I feel at Kilometer 75? How will I feel if and when I finish? Will I be tired? Will I be happy? What kind of people will I interact with during this event? Will I make friends? The list can go as long as you wish. However, ALL of these questions are indeed unanswerable…for a good reason though.

I’ve come to fall in Love with “The Unknown” because Life plays out way better than YOU COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED. Not even your wildest imagination can predict the beauty of what “The Unknown” holds. By forcing yourself out of your “comfort zone” and trying something brand new, and most often times, super scary, Life rewards You. Life rewards you by blessing you with amazing Learning Lessons and Awesomely Epic Experiences. Many live their lives in fear of “The Unknown”. I’ve learned that the best stories and learning lessons come from times that couldn’t be scripted. It’s Magic. “The Unknown” is a special place for me and a massive reason why I take these challenges on.

Okay Y’all. I was blessed to learn and takeaway many new insights from the 100k. Obviously, I learned a lot about nutrition and hydration and what I need to consume during an event of this magnitude. However, I’ll save that stuff for another day. I wanna share with you guys the fun stuff. The stuff that can be related back into my daily life. And I’d Love to share them with you. So, without further ado… here’s 4 beautiful learning lessons that I was blessed enough to recognize, while out there running 2.5 marathons last Tuesday. Enjoy!

1. Celebrate The Little Wins

I learned that in order to achieve the large goal, I needed to set smaller goals. Running ain’t that fun if all you’re focused on is the finish line, especially 100k (said in a hillbilly United States accent). So, I made little goals along my run. 50k/31miles is pretty easy for me these days. So, after I accomplished that, I broke the last half of the run into 10k loops. I would celebrate the finish of every 10k as if that were the goal. It helped massively. Sometimes, you can’t necessarily think about the end goal, but more the little goals that will lead you there. So, if I could offer any advice here, make small goals en route to the large one. They’re just as important.

2. Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes it doesn’t matter the speed that you’re going as much as the direction.

Times got tough around 80k/Mile 50. For some reason, I was unable to run at that moment. I didn’t know what to do. So, I walked. At first, My Ego and Mind tried to call me a wimp for walking. They tried to tell me that everyone would laugh at how slow my time was. And then I realized, I didn’t care. I was out there to finish 100k in one day, and if I did it walking that was fine with me. I walked for nearly two hours. I stopped in a tiny, little, corner grocery store and bought a brownie. I ate it as I was walking home. I was about to quit at 85k/Mile53. And then, all of the sudden, I began running again! I ran the final 16k/10Miles so strong! All because I waited out the tough times by moving forward, even if it was slowly.

3. “The Why” Sometimes Isn’t Enough

For me, there came a point when “The Why” was no longer enough. Around 80k, I could no longer rely on the power of remembering “Why” I was doing this. Although it helped previously in the run, I had to go deeper. Instead of asking myself to remember “Why” I was doing it. I told myself, “I’m Doing It”. No matter what. There came a point where I realized that the weak part of My Mind was trying to trick me. The Mind kept asking me “Why are you doing this?” and “It’s okay to quit, you’ve done a good job.” I then realized that I had to turn that off and tell myself, “I Am Doing This”, no matter what. It was like I turned everything completely off up top and just did. It’s weird to explain for me. Anyways, I did it. What I’m trying to say here is it came to a point where aweak area of my Mind tried to trick me using “My Why” against me because it knew it was no longer strong enough. After I finished, I felt Bliss. I felt as though I ripped an old weed straight out of the ground in my beautiful flower-filled-field that is My Mind. I realize now, that I had a tiny habit of quitting things just before the finish. Not everything but some things. And I would let My Mind tell me that it was okay to stop just before the finish because I had done well. Well, I can tell you it felt exhilarating to finish after realizing what The Mind had been doing to me for so long without even realizing it.

4. When You Think Your Done, You Have So Much More

Ultra Endurance Athlete, David Goggins is famous for staying that whenever any human thinks that they’ve reached their maximum capacity, when they think they can’t go another step more, or another inch further, they’re only at about 40%. So, that feeling we get when we are absolutely drained and feel like we can no longer give any more; we’re actually at about 40%. I found this to be true for me in this race. Pretty damn amazing what we can do if we challenge what we perceive as our “limits”.

There were so many moments over the past couple weeks when I thought that I was going to accomplish my goal of running 100k, only to find out that a logistical error was going to keep me from doing it. I guess that’s what life’s all about though, eh? Not to ask what you did wrong when an obstacle is thrown in front of you, rather, what can I do to get through this?

I want to thank everyone so much for the amazing support I received throughout the whole process of this race. I’m deeply humbled and it’s quite a spectacular feeling knowing that so many of you were willing to join me in this awesome experience together. We did this together. And I promise there’s so many more to come. Please let me know what you guys think of these 4 Learning Lessons.

And next time you catch yourself not doing something out of fear, go ahead, jump head first into “The Unknown”. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



Mitchy Wilder, Ultra Endurance Athlete


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