Confront Pain Head-On

Hi friends,

Recently, I’ve been challenged. I’ve been challenged in the way of facing pain.

I’ve recently had to let a very special person in my life go. In order for me to fully let go and move on, I needed to sit down in silence and face discomfort. Face the discomfort of the emotions that arose. Good memories, bad memories, anger, frustration, laughter, confusion, warmth…everything. Everything I was feeling I needed to sit with, put down on paper, and let go.

Let me tell you, it was not comfortable and not easy. Stuff came up that I had no idea was “down there”…inside of me. I realized that I had been suffering simply because I was suppressing these memories and emotions that needed to be faced. But, when I put it all down to paper, the brutally honest truth of what I was feeling, I was able to forgive and let go. It feels as though 15 pounds was lifted from me.

I don’t need to get into much detail out of respect but I do want to say this.

Sometimes in life, we just gotta face the fucking monster head-on. We know the monster is huge and we know that the monster’s punch is going to hurt. But, we must stand in front of the monster and say, “Let’s do this my friend.” We will get hit, without a doubt, and may even get knocked to our knees. But, as long as we don’t stay down then we have succeeded. We stand back up and smile and say, “That’s all you got?”

We know the monster can’t punch forever, he’s too big and will run out of energy after the first punch or two. So, it is up to us to simply stand up and face him until he tires. We will have won the battle just by standing in the ring. And we will have plenty of time to recover and come back even stronger and wiser than before.

Face pain, my friends, head-on, because pain ignored is called suffering and suffering is a slow, poisonous death.

If I could recommend to anyone, sit with yourself and your uncomfortable feelings in a room, write down everything that comes up, no matter how ugly and honest it may be. Then, burn that paper once you’re done. Yes, it’s that simple. This is a powerful practice that will help you release the poison of suffering that we all experience frequently, including myself.

I hope this helps and I Love You All.

Face pain head-on.

With Love and Gratitude,



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