I Ran 100k/63 Miles!

Teaser Clip From Mile 26/ 42km

Hey guys! We did it! After a full day of running, I accomplished my 2.5 Marathon day! It’s the morning after, right now, and I’m laying in bed sore and tired. But, I want to say Thanks so much for the support everyone! It helped sooo much. And thank you especially to Tony Waldron for the amazing donation yesterday before the race! I’ll be sure to post soon and hopefully create a quick video to share with all you lovely people!

Legs are a little sore but filled with Love and Gratitude,


The Power Of A Youthful Mind: And 5 Tips To Maintain A Youthful Mind

Hellooooooo, Helllllooooo, Helllloooooo, to all you beautiful Legends out there! I will start out by wishing you all the best in your mind, body, and spirit.

Who knows the importance of keeping a youthful mind!? If you do, then congrats! If not, you’ve come to the right place!

So guys, first off, over the years I’ve become a huge fan of reversing aging. Yes, you heard me right. Not only stopping my biological age from going up, but actually reversing it. Many of us have come to accept our biological aging symptoms as a normal and natural process—decline in functionality, loss of hair, loss of eyesight, wrinkles, decline in cardiovascular and so much more. But, I’ve come to learn that we don’t actually have to experience the symptoms of aging. I’m in better health NOW mentally, physically, and spiritually than when I was 22 and a double sport NCAA athlete. I’m not going to get into detail here or try to prove to you guys that aging is simply a disease. But, I will share with you beautiful people, a major component of how to reverse aging that many don’t know about or have forgotten!

What I’m sharing in this article is the importance of A Youthful Mind. It’s true, you can actually reverse aging by maintaining a youthful mind.

Many studies have shown that biological age actually correlates better to psychological age than it does to chronological age. Meaning, if you are young at heart, your biological markers are likely to reflect that, literally. And if your mind is old and dull, then your body will reflect it.

Like the old saying goes, “People don’t grow old, when they stop growing, they become old.” If your mind is old, then your body will reflect it, no matter how much you engage in things like healthy diet and exercise. Maintaning a youthful mind is more important than exercise and healthy diet, all day everyday. I’m not saying that diet and exercise aren’t important, they’re essential. I’m just trying to convey the idea of how important a youthful mind is. When we focus on keeping our minds fresh and youthful we will be keeping our bodies fresh and youthful.

So, what is a Youthful Mind?

A Youthful Mind Is Growing, Playful, Enthusiastic, Spontaneous, And Flexible.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a Youthful Mind.

1. Growing

A growing mind is a youthful mind! Learn something new everyday! Read a new book, listen to a podcast, read some poetry, and write down something interesting or a fun that you recently discovered! Try new stuff! Let go of all those rigid ideas about who you are, and challenge yourself with new experiences and perspectives on who you want to Become. As you keep learning, your brain continues to make new connections amongst the billions of cells.

2. Playful


A youthful mind is playful and lighthearted! I’m sure many of you can relate to the idea that Life just doesn’t flow when you’re being serious! Our best times are when we’re care free! Laughter is the best medicine for the body and the mind! I encourage all of you to open up to the wonder and delight of living the human life. We all need to stop taking life so seriously and play more often. I still find myself taking this thing called Life wayyy tooooo seriously sometimes. But, for no reason at all! So, when I do catch myself taking Life too seriously, I LAUGH OUT LOUD. Don’t you remember those times as a child of when you used to play and laugh for hours? Those times are not to be experienced just by children. We, too, can experience these times of play and laughter still! We all have that thing that we love to do. That thing that makes us feel timeless. It could be exercise, sport, playing music, writing, drawing, painting, or anything else! Engage in the activities that make you feel like time doesn’t exist and nothing else matters. And if you don’t know what those are, trying something new! You’ll soon find it. Play and recreation go hand in hand. I mean look at the word Re-Creation. Recreation is literally the time to let go of all your worries of the past, forget about the future, and enjoy the NOW. The more play and laughter we can find in our lives, the younger we become.

3. Enthusiastic

A youthful mind is filled with enthusiasm! It’s enthusiastic about everything—a beautiful flower, a butterfly, the wind, a rainbow. Stay alert to appreciate the little things and enthusiasm will present itself immensely!

4. Spontaneous

Another key to a youthful mind is staying spontaneous and unpredictable. A spontaneous mind doesn’t pay attention to societal norms. It does what it wants, when it wants, without any thoughts of doubt or any worries of judgment. We all have spontaneous impulses everyday. Close your eyes and feel those impulse’s within you. Do them! When a child feels like running, what does he/she do? Starts to run, yeah? You should do that too! Run if you get the impulse to run. Sing if you get the impulse to sing. Dance if you get the impulse to dance. Jump in cold water if you get the impulse to jump in cold water. Call your mom if you get the impulse to call your mom. Laugh out loud if you get the impulse. Don’t deny yourself of your impulses because of what other’s may think. As long as it’s not harming anyone, you deserve to live through being spontaneous. Don’t ever forget that.

5. Flexible/Adaptable

Okay! The final key to keeping a youthful mind! I believe, that life is a game of “going with the flow”. Whoever flows easy and allows the current to guide the pace, is rewarded with The Universe’s Miracles. Don’t become trapped in the boundaries of society and limiting beliefs. A youthful mind doesn’t get stuck in that crap. A youthful mind flows in the river of Life, allowing the current to guide the way. Also, be adaptable. Don’t get stuck on a personal view, rather, look at what’s happening from a much bigger picture. And if you can’t, then just trust that The Universe has your best intentions in mind, and there’s a much bigger lesson being taught than maybe you can see right at this moment.

Okay, there we go guys! Oh and don’t believe the myth that says that once a brain cell is gone, it’s gone. That’s been proven untrue years ago by a study done by researchers at Princeton University, where they found that thousands of fresh, new brain cells are born daily in the adult brain.

This goes to show why keeping a Youthful Mind is so important. This also makes a little more sense out of why my blog is named what it is. A chuckling mind is essential to experiencing a fulfilling Life. Let’s all laugh at everything and keep our minds more and more youthful and growing everyday. I want to thank you guys so much for reading! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and leave a comment, like, or send me a message to let me know what you guys think of this stuff! And if you’re really really enjoying my articles and videos, feel free to donate! Donations mean so much and are always graciously accepted for me to continue my mission. Stay Youthful! And always remember to B R E A T H E.

One Love!


4 Ways To Conserve Energy For High Performance


Aloha High-Performers! Are you like me and always looking for a hack to improve your energy levels and overall performance? Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s what I’ll be covering today. In this article, I’m going to be talking about Energy. Not just Energy, but how to conserve it. Conserving Energy is something that I’m super passionate about because I once found myself spraying my Energy all over the place. Back in the day, I was exerting so much Energy everyday, only to find myself absolutely exhausted by the end of the day and without having accomplished much.

I believe that we all deserve to experience massive amounts of concentrated energy, to accomplish super-human amounts of “work”, while also not feeling completely drained at the end of the day.

Throughout my worldly travels, I started to think of my Energy like water in a vegetable garden. In a garden, if I water the whole thing, even the weeds will grow. But, if I can focus that water into the specific areas of the garden where I’d like my plants to grow, then I save a large supply; and I’m able to apply the right amount of water to the plants that I really want to grow. Make sense?

Anyways, you can understand why, over the years, I’ve been super focused on only watering the plants that I want to grow.

So, how do we conserve energy?

Here are 4 tips on How-To Conserve Energy Throughout Your Day. These are super simple. They’ve worked well for me and I hope that they benefit You and your Energy levels as well. I understand, however, that just because these things have worked so well for me does not mean that you will experience the same results. But it’s worth a shot isn’t it? Give these tips a go and let me know what you guys think! I want everyone to experience Herculean amounts of focused and concentrated energy throughout the day. So, here we go! EnJoy!

1. Nap (20 Minutes)

If you want to experience more focus and alertness throughout your day, mix in a 20 minute nap. This one is so effective. It’s so effective in fact, that back in 1995, NASA did a study that proved how one can increase their job performance and mental alertness immensely, simply by taking a 20 minute nap. NASA found that pilots who slept in the cockpit for no more than 26 minutes improved their alertness by 55% and job performance by 35%. That’s huge! The reasoning behind the max of 26 minutes is because they found that any sleep over 26 minutes affected that evenings deep sleep. This goes to show how significant a 20 minute nap can be. So, the next time you’re deciding between a 30 minute lunch break or 20 minute nap, take this one into consideration.

2. Meditate


Many people think that in order to meditate, you need to sit cross legged for hours, chanting “Om”, and exploring the deepest parts of your soul. Although this can be true, meditation can also be performed in a matter of minutes. Here’s the thing, the main attributor to low energy levels in humans is a thing called cortisol. Cortisol is the “stress” hormone. It is our “fight or flight” response. Releasing cortisol is great for the times when we’re being chased by a lion or tiger. It gives us what we need to escape. But, this is not good to experience for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, these days, many humans trigger long term cortisol by other kinds of stress; money stress, time stress, work stress, kids stress, boss stress, co-worker stress, and countless more reasons. Which then leads to individuals being in constant “fight or flight” mode without even knowing it because it’s what’s normal for them; basically making the body think that it’s being chased by a lion all day, everyday. This is not at all healthy. How can we stop this? Easy, just a couple seconds of breathing is all it takes. Take a moment, preferably 2-5 seconds, at any time of your day by closing your eyes and taking a deep breathe. Think about Nothing. Just feel. Feel the Energy within You. Then open your eyes and get back to what you were doing. Yes, it’s that easy. I recommend performing this action about 12 times a day. It works beautifully. And by taking these moments throughout the day, it constantly brings you back into a state of calm.

3. Intermittent Fasting AKA Short Term No Eating


Digestion takes so much energy! Ever think that you could actually have more energy by skipping breakfast or lunch? Well, it’s true! Our bodies conserve tremendous amounts of energy by not eating. The amount of energy our bodies burn while fasting becomes more efficient, thereby lowering our heart rate and blood pressure. Boulder Medical Center says that Intermittent Fasting (not eating for 12-18 hours) boots cognitive performance, protects from obesity and chronic diseases, reduces inflammation, improves overall fitness, and allows for cellular rejuvenation to occur. Intermittent Fasting is NOT about starving yourself. It’s about giving your digestion system a break and for your body to be able to focus energy in other areas, including your brain and cognitive functions. I fast everyday, 365 days a year, 12-24 hours. I also get all of my important work completed in a fasted state including writing these blog posts.

4. Stay Hydrated/ Healthy Diet


60% of the adult human body is made of water. 75% of the brain and heart are made of water. So, it would make sense to make sure that we are constantly hydrating ourselves, yes? It would make sense that if we are dehydrated why we experience low amounts of energy, yes? Also, consuming water will lower your core body temperature which will allow you to experience deeper sleep.

Secondly, we get our energy, in large part, from what we consume. So, test out your diet. If you find that certain foods make you tired, try not to eat them during the day, or maybe not at all. Finding the foods that give you the most energy is different for everyone so take it into your own hands to see how you feel from each food that you eat. Make a mental note of how you feel after consuming each food. If you can pin point the foods that allow you to experience healthy energy, you will have found a key ingredient to your energy flow.

BONUS! 5. Minimize Speech

I recently underwent a three day silent retreat. I didn’t speak for three days. I learned many things from these days of silence, including how much energy I conserve from not speaking. I noticed how much energy I waste with pointless words and sentences in my conversations, even negative ones that I never recognized to before to be negative. And I’ve learned from that. Now, I focus my words and I’ve noticed so much energy being conserved.

Well, there ya have it guys. I hope these tips will help you to achieve beautiful amounts of the focused energy that you deserve. It’s true, we are all born super-human! And in order for us to bring forth our super-human abilities we must indeed understand how to focus and concentrate our energy. Once we can better understand how to conserve our energy, we are able to manifest our biggest and wildest dreams! I wish you all the best in your continued journey of super-human-ness. I have plenty of other tips on how to conserve energy. If these resonate with you and you’d like more, send me an email at mitchywilder@gmail.com with the subject being “Conserve My Energy!”. I Love You Guys and thanks so much for reading.

Remember to B R E A T H E.

One Love,


10 Affirmations That Will Allow You To Attract and Receive More Money

Photo: Prolificliving.com


Hello Money-makers! Take a quick moment to think about the beautiful sound that a cash register makes, “Cha-Ching”. Yeah, so nice. That brings us to the topic of today and something that I Love so much, MONEY!

Growing up, I had such negative beliefs about money. Society had taught me that having a lot of money was a bad thing because I’d turn into a greedy, arrogant, manipulating person. I told myself that I didn’t want a lot of money because I’d turn into a horrible person. I believed that everyone who had a lot of money did bad things with it. And guess what the result of those beliefs were? You got it, I had no to small amounts of money my whole Life! Haha. Funny how that works.

I’ve come to realize during my years of travel, that all of my beliefs about money were inaccurate. There are so many amazing individuals in this universe that are doing great things with lots of money. And Money Is Beautiful. Money creates options. Money enhances the truth of who we are. Great people become greater with the abundance of money.

I’ve noticed that in Life, you attract what you are. And this very much includes the flow of money. If you believe that you deserve to have enough money, you send that vibration out into The Universe. If you subconsciously think that you don’t deserve money, aren’t worthy of it, or that it is hard to come by, then you block the flow of money in your Life.

Blocks from financial prosperity come from deep-rooted beliefs about lack. Some of you may think that there is a limited amount of money in the world and if someone has a lot, then that takes away from you. Some of you may also have been taught growing up that you must struggle and work very very hard to earn a lot of money. Truth is, there is an abundance of money and you DO NOT have to slave away all day to attract nice amounts of “coin”.

So, how do we attract money into our lives, you ask?

A great place to start is through affirmations. Affirmations are probably the most powerful tool to change deep rooted beliefs. Write an affirmation down and keep it with you in your wallet or purse. Throughout the day, pull the affirmation out and read it.

You may be saying, “Mitchy, are you really saying that in order for me to receive the money that I’ve always desired, all I need to do is write down an affirmation on paper, pull it out throughout the day, and say it?”

My answer is, “Yes, as long as you truly believe what you’re saying.”

Like I said before, by reciting an affirmation, you begin to shift your old limiting beliefs into new, abundant ones. By doing so, you send out a certain vibration into The Universe, allowing the manifestation process to occur. And good news! You don’t even need to understand vibration or manifestation to attract massive amounts of money in your life! Just know that you’re shifting your old beliefs into new ones to receive more money by practicing your affirmations.

If you want, you can get creative and write an affirmation or two or three or a hundred and post them around your room or home. Recite an affirmation each morning when you wake up and each evening before you go to bed. You can read them 1- 1,000 times a day, just go with what feels right.

I’m going to share 10 affirmations that have worked for me. You can take them as they are or you can modify them to suit you. Just do what feels right! Write them down, read them to yourself or aloud during the day. And enjoy receiving the new money that comes forth!

1. I Love Money. Money Is Good. Money Is Freedom.

2. I Deserve a lot of money.

3. I Love paying my bills and cashing my checks.

4. There is enough money for everyone, and then some.

5. People LOVE to give me money.

6. I’m so good at attracting money.

7. Everything I do, seems to create more money.

8. I Am Worthy of massive wealth.

9. I Love the feeling of a stack of $100 bills in my hand.

10. Money is as natural and abundant as air.

There ya go, guys. All I can say now is enJOY the money that’s coming your way! Please reach out and share your stories of how new money has shown up in your life and out of “nowhere” by using the affirmations technique. It is for real. And if you really enjoy these 10 and want more, shoot me an email at mitchywilder@gmail.com. Also, feel free to donate any portion of your newly acquired wealth to me aka Mitchy Wilder, to support my mission of guiding humans into becoming the super-hero’s they’ve always felt to be; by creating super-human experiences in their everyday lives.

Just B E L I E V E.

I Love You All,


3 Ways To Communicate Love To Others

Hey guys!

Thanks for taking the time to invest in yourself today by reading this! I’m going to make this one super quick and easy so all of you can go about your day spreading Love everywhere you go.

I want to let you know that I’m not doubting your relationship with Love. I’m not questioning your understanding of Love. I know, that all of you, are living moments full of Love. What I want to do today, is to remind us all, including myself, of 3 ways that we can remember to make the ones around us feel special by communicating our Love. I was once terrible at this and that’s why it’s so important to me these days. I’m so in Love with Everything.

Quickly, What is Love? Great question. For me, Love is not an emotion, It Is a way of Being. Being in Love means that we are in Love with Life; Universal Love. Love brings us to an altered state of consciousness. A state of where we become carefree and open to new experiences. We become vulnerable and invincible at the same time. We become revived, energized, and playful. Love renews and detaches us from our old ways of being and opens our awareness to the magic and mystery of Life. Love reminds us that we are Alive.

Love Is Love

So, here it is, The 3 Ways To Communicate Love To Others. I understand that many of you out there are masters of Love and don’t need this reminder. But, if you’re like me, you need a refresher every now and then. And for that, here ya go. Enjoy!

1. Listen Attentively To What They Are Saying

2. Express In Words Or Actions Your Appreciation For Them

3. Touch Them Lovingly With Affection

Take the time to try and recognize if you’re performing these actions throughout your day to the ones you want to express Love to most. Even if it’s a stranger on the street, simply by enjoying a conversation and listening attentively to what they are saying is indeed a way to express Love. Also, if you’ve noticed relationships in your Life that have gone stale, try practicing these tips to rekindle the flame that once burned brightly. There is no such thing as too much Love. Let’s take it upon ourselves to be the master spreaders of Love.

I hope these tips help! I Love You ALL.

Love Is The Way,


About Me

Aloha! I go by the name of Mitchy Wilder. I’m a world-traveling Personal Coach currently residing on the Islands of Hawaii.

My Passion is helping others achieve optimal personal health and well-being. I believe we were all born Super-Human, some of us have just forgotten. I’m here to remind us all of our Limitless State.

My specializations are in Personal Fitness/Movement, Nutrition, Yoga, and Meditation.

I began traveling the world years ago in hopes to understand more about “Who I Am” and “Why I’m Here”. And boy, did the world provide. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet amazing people and experience epic moments across the globe. This blog, touches briefly on my journey while also showcasing my lighthearted and playful spirit.

If you’re looking to upgrade your life and don’t know where to start, please reach out and we will surly make it happen. Mitchywilder@gmail.com

Be Epic and Enjoy The Ride!


5 Ways To Experience More Inner Peace

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying Life and finding Peace within all of your experiences.

Over my years of travel, I’ve been lucky enough to learn beautiful Life lessons. These lessons have led me into experiencing Peace on a level that I never previously imagined. Was I Peaceful before I began traveling? I sure thought so. But, looking back on it now. I was not. I didn’t even know what Peace was. I thought Peace was an emotion or virtue or something that you felt at one point in the day and didn’t later due to whatever circumstances arose.

What is Peace? In my words,  Peace is not a virtue. Rather, a state-of-Being. Peace is Knowing and living in the Truth of the present moment above all the changing “things”. It is that calm, relaxed feeling of Simply Being. Peace is Bliss without attachment to anything, any person, or any outcome. Peace is surrendering. Surrendering to the Higher Power within You.

Like I said, there’s been a few Life lessons that have led me to understand and live in Peace. I want to point out, that in no way am I saying that I’ve mastered Peace. I’m still frequently upgrading and practicing The Peaceful Way in all moments and situations of my Life’s experiences.

That’s why I’m writing this to you. I very well know that You may already be living in Peace. If you find yourself however, looking for new ways to evolve into a greater Being, I’d like to see if I can help. I understand that what I’m about to share is coming from my experiences and my perspective, so there is a chance that you may not resonate with it. It goes without saying, but, my way is not the only way. Nor the right way. It is what it is. I would simply like to share with you what’s worked for me. From a friend to another friend. So, here we go, 5 Ways that have helped me Live in Peace. I hope you enjoy.

1. Be Vulnerable

The strongest Love is the Love that can demonstrate it’s fragility.

Paulo Coelho (Author of The Alchemist)

Now-a-days, I Love being vulnerable. I’ve found so much Peace through vulnerability. I Love being vulnerable with people I know. I Love being vulnerable with people I don’t know, or whom I’ve just met. Why? Because it sets the stage for them to be vulnerable with me. Don’t you feel so much more open to share your deep thoughts and feelings with someone who has already done that to you? I’m not a surface guy anymore. I used to be. I grew up burying all my emotions and pretending that everything was all good on the outside. And my Life’s relationships and experiences reflected that. There was no depth. It was all surface. I was lying to myself on the outside and inside. I didn’t want to tell people if I was struggling with something because I thought that they would judge me for how weak I was.

I noticed though, over the years, how much I Love people who are honest and vulnerable about what’s going on in their lives, even if it’s shitty! Because why not? I don’t want to hear that everything is perfect 100% of the time because I know it’s not. And if you say it is, then I know you’re lying. Lying to not only me, but yourself.

I’ve learned that if I put myself out there, naked and true, I give other’s the chance to understand, relate, and maybe even help. When I’m vulnerable with other’s, I experience first hand, Love and Compassion on the deepest levels of the human spirit. I feel so blessed to experience the kind hearted-ness and Love from everyone around the world. Life’s just so much more simple and Peaceful being vulnerable and True.

2. Love ALL

Love is the bridge between You and Everything


I have found so much Peace through understanding that everyone in this world is doing their best with the resources they have. Before traveling, I used to take so many things personally for how others were acting. During my travels, I was smacked in the face with different cultures. Through the experience of new cultures, I came to the understanding that other’s act the way they do because of the experiences they’ve encountered throughout their lives. There is nothing personal about the way a person is treating me, it is simply what they’ve learned throughout their lives from their experiences. I found it very easy to Love All with this understanding that everyone is doing their best with the resources that they have. With this understanding, comes the main reason why I travel; I travel to broaden my experiences, to deepen my understanding of others, so I can deepen my understanding of mySELF…which is ultimate growth.

3. Surrender Control

It is only when you give up trying to force or control anything, that you get to experience the kind of control of which you’ve always wanted, but never knew existed.

Soooooooo many experiences throughout my travels have been soooooooo far out of my control that it’s not even funny. Bus schedules, plane delays, how taxi drivers act, detours in Indonesian roads, hostels losing bookings, earthquakes, and coronavirus are just a few of a bajillion things that I’ve experienced but are out of my control. HAHA! Funny thing is that I thought I was in control of some of these things at one point in my life! Goes to show why I experienced so much tension at the start of my travels. Thankfully though, I’ve come to realize over the years, how little there is that I actually control. I’ve found so much Peace in Surrendering Control; By Going With The Flow. When I say surrender control, I don’t mean just “giving up” and “quitting”. I mean Allowing The Universe or God to work “Through Me” and “As Me” to create my unique, miraculous experiences.

I’ve come to recognize that when I set expectations or think that something should happen in a certain way, meaning that I’m attached to an outcome, tension and frustration ALWAYS follow. That’s why, I’ve learned to relinquish any expectation. It’s made my Life so much easier by releasing expectations which has also led to releasing any resistance. I want to point out that I’m not saying don’t dream. I encourage imagination and dreaming… BIG! What I’m saying is don’t be attached to how it happens or in what way. Allow The Universe to work it’s magic.

Resistance is Fear. Fear of The Unknown.

I still catch myself attached to how things play out in my daily life. But, that’s just it, I catch myself, and then change and release any expectation I may have. When I do, I experience the Ease and Flow of Life. By surrendering control, I get to take part in the beautiful collaboration with Life/The Universe/God. It is only when you give up trying to force or control anything, that you get to experience the kind of control of which you’ve always wanted, but never knew existed.

4. Shrug Your Shoulders To Everything

From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.

Dr. Seuss

When I say shrug your shoulders at everything, I mean take nothing seriously. Yes, you heard me right, Nothing. I take nothing seriously. Because why would I? Life’s not meant to be serious. Life’s meant to be Fun in every way. I take everything lightly. When I say this, I mean that I laugh at everything, I smile at everyone, and I chuckle the hardest when Life hands me a pile of shit and drops it off right in front of me. How could I not? What good does it do moving forward if I take anything seriously? In my Life, I’ve noticed that taking stuff seriously get’s me moving in the opposite direction of the way I want to go. So, this lesson is a simple one but one that indeed explains “The Way of The Chucklehead” beautifully; laugh at everything, make jokes often, hug the ones you Love, and laugh the hardest when Life’s the hardest.

5. Love CHANGE

Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision, and change.

Richard Branson

Oh man this is a fun one!I believe that the people who live longest in this world have one thing in common and it’s not because they’ve been on a plant based diet, hitting the p90x workout twice a week, drowning themselves in the nootropics, or anything else of the sorts. I believe that the individuals who live longest and healthiest in this world are masters of change and masters of flexibility. The world is constantly evolving and changing, so why wouldn’t I? If I’m not changing and evolving then I’m slowly dying. And if I have the option to change and grow or don’t and die, then why wouldn’t I choose “change” all-day-long? The simple fact that we are alive right now means that we have learned to adapt and evolve into meeting the ever changing requirements of the world. Is change sometimes hard? Yeah, for sure. But, the difficulty is worth the reward, every-time. So I will remain always open to changing and upgrading the being that I am because I know that change is good, ALWAYS.

Well, there we have it guys, the 5 ways that have helped me live a more Peaceful Life. I’m not saying that these are the only 5 things that have led me to Peace. There’s hundreds of lessons that have contributed over the years. I chose these 5 because they are closest to my heart. I hope you all enjoyed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and say what’s up! Also, if you’re experiencing any tension, confusion, or just flat out want to upgrade your Life’s experiences, shoot me an email at mitchywilder@gmail.com and we’ll work together to get you the Personal Coaching/Guiding expertise that you’re looking for. Other than that, I just want to say that, I LOVE YOU ALL. And always remember to… B R E A T H E.

Filled With Peace and Love,

Mitchy Freakin Wilder

The Power of Sleep: 7 Ways To Enhance Your Sleep Game


Hey Guys! This is a BIG One so buckle your seat belts!

How good does it feel waking up after a stellar night of sleep? Not many things match up to it, am I right? Waking up feeling energized and ready to take on the day, man that’s nice. On the other hand, life’s tough if you’re lacking sleep. Sleep deprivation is crazy; depriving oneself of sleep leads to obesity, depression, low sex drive, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and so many more, that’s not even including the fact that it affects one’s appearance too.

When you are deprived of sleep you are unknowingly setting up a steel cage match between your will power and your biology

Shawn Stevenson Author Of “Sleep Smarter”, Host of “The Model Health Show

It’s true, I used to be the Red Bull drinking, late night T.V. Watching, goofball that thought the difference between good and bad sleep was luck. My brain and body were functioning at 50% for a quarter-century of my life, without me even realizing it. Because that was what was normal for me.

If you read my previous post, you know how much I love a good morning routine. It sets you up for Epic days. Well, there happens to be one secret ingredient in the personal mastery recipe that I believe to be just a little more potent than a morning rountine, and that is Quality Sleep. I say this because I can’t even enjoy a good morning routine if I’m doing it half groggy and with a brain that feels like a shriveled up raisin.

Why am I so passionate/obsessed about sleep? Because there really is no worse feeling than waking up in the morning with a beautiful day ahead feeling like a bag-o-horse-dung from the poor sleep the night before. Not to mention, it’s also frustrating not knowing what you did wrong.  It came to a point one day, after living 26 years with very mediocre sleep, that I was fed up with not knowing why or how I was feeling the way I was in the morning. So, I set out in search of answers. And boy did I find them. There’s so much research out there about the power of quality sleep.  I’m fortunate to say that after not-so-much difficult research, I’ve been able to implement some simple and easy changes into my daily routine to increase my ability to experience restful sleep. And I’d like to share those with you beautiful Beings.

As always, I ask that you don’t take what I’m telling you as the right way and only way to find deep quality sleep. No, no, this is not what I’m here to do. I’m here to share. This is not a lesson, a lecture, or anything else of those sorts. This is simply a friend sharing with another friend. I sure hope this helps you out in some way. If not, it’s all good. We are all dancing to our songs of Truth and if my 90’s rock jam that I’m playing doesn’t resonate with you, then just skip to the next track and I’ll get you the next time around. Here’s some tips, I hope you enjoy.

I also want to throw a disclaimer out here for y’all. None of this should be taken as medical advice, I am not a doctor nor plan to think of myself as one. I give much respect to all those medical professionals out there though! You guys are rockstars. Yeah, I just want to say, although most of the things I’m sharing have been backed up through science and research, I’m only sharing them because they’ve worked for me.


1. Creat A Sleep Sanctuary

Your sleep environment plays a huge role in your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Encourage your body to wind down when it’s time and stay asleep until morning.


Before I started traveling, I was no Feng Shui expert, addmitaddly , I still am not. I’m no interior designer either. But, having stayed in hundreds of bedrooms throughout the years of travel, I’ve learned how to take an ordinary room and make it into a “Peace Haven” simply and quickly. With the use of candles, nice music, and sage/incense, I’ve learned how to enhance the ambiance and peacefulness of a room pretty easily. Growing up and throughout my early 20’s, I would make my bedroom the “entertainment hub” of the house. I recognize now, how stupid this was of me and explains why I struggled with low energy levels, without even knowing it. Now-a-days, I NEVER bring work or writing projects to the bedroom. I also never turn the light switch on in the bedroom after sunset because of the “blue light” exposure. And my lady and I, do a pretty damn good job at keeping the bedroom a tech free area. No tech allowed, only nice sounds, smells, and lighting. These things really enhance the relaxation process. So, go out and bring forth the inner sensual ambiance master that hides within you.

2. Increase Sunlight Exposure


I’ve observed that the earlier I can get sun on my face, the easier it is for me to melt into bed at night. I try to wake up in the morning and as soon as the sun comes out, get outside for a morning walk or workout. I want to point out, that I understand how blessed I am to be able to be in an area of the world where I’m able to do this. I’m very aware that there are some area’s of the world that sometimes don’t get sunlight until 9-10am for 3-5 months of the year..cough cough..Midwest, United States. 😉 For those, try and make sure you get sunlight exposure as soon as you can in your day. Even 9-10am sunlight exposure will definitely increase your ability to experience deep, restful sleep at night. And if the sun’s not coming out on that particular day or week, exposure to artificial blue light, meaning the light that is emitted from those handy computers, tablets, and phones will do the trick. Just be careful that you don’t expose yourself too much throughout the day and/or too late at night. This will cause for many imbalances, one of them being the ability to fall and stay asleep throughout the night. And quick side note, throughout the day, make sure you give yourself just a couple minutes of sunlight exposure. This will help massively.

3. Caffeine Smart


I, personally, really enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning (with a teaspoon of Lion’s Mane). I listen to music and just feel the warmth of the of cup-a-joe in my hands. I smell it, smile, and just let myself fall into the creative state of Presentness. It’s so nice. We all know that caffine later in the day is probably not the best idea for a good nights sleep. The Journal Of Sleep Medicine did a study that found that caffine being consumed inside of 6 hours before bed negatively affects sleep quality. So, anything past noon is going to affect your sleep that night. Even if you don’t feel like it affects you falling asleep, it definitely affects the type of sleep that you experience and will keep you from reaching the deep stages of sleep. I know it’s hard to put down that afternoon cup of coffee for some out there, but in all honesty, the only reason you need that afternoon cup is because of the lack of deep sleep that you obtained the night before. Start out by staying away from caffine after noon, you will then create a cycle of good sleep habits.

4. Move During The Day/ Activity

Being active during the day helps prime your body and mind for deeper, more restful sleep. But the type of activity and timing are critical in maximizing physical and emotional well-being.


I’ve detected, on days that I don’t move, I have a much harder time falling asleep, and staying asleep that evening. If my schedule for the day calls for a full day of writing, I make sure that I get out and enjoy at least 2 walks, usually morning and evening of at least 20 minutes. This movement does wonders for me. Even though, I would say that my perfect day consists of an hour of 5am yoga and meditation, a sunrise walk, writing during the day, workout in the afternoon, meditation and a walk with my lady at sunset. I’ve come to understand that some days my body needs to more than other days. On these days, I make sure that I get my morning, lunchtime, or evening walks in and my sleep cycle stays all good.

5. Eat Right/ Nutriton

Eating the right things at the right times helps you perform at max power through the day and slip easily into a restorative state at night. On the flipside, the wrong foods, missing nutrients, or even a late meal can throw off your entire night.

Dave Asprey Founder Of Bulletproof

There’s many ways that I’ve incorporated nutritional hacks into my daily routine to ensure grade-A sleep at night. One way, is that I make lunch my biggest meal of the day. Secondly, I’ve also made a time curfew of no eating 90 minutes before I want to fall asleep. This is for many reasons, mainly science based research. I can say though, that growing up I was a snacker, I took part in the snacking quite often. I noticed how this led to less quality sleep. For that reason, I’ve made the 90 minute curfew for myself of no eating. There’s also certain foods that you can eat 3-4 hours before bed that are high in melatonin and may help you fall asleep. These foods include rice, oats, asparagus, tomatoes, corn, walnuts, and flaxseed, just to name a few. But each person is different so if none of these foods feel like they work for you, don’t force it.

6. Grounding

These days, since I’ve become a full time Guide and Writer, I literally have no reason to be wearing shoes. 100% of my day is spent either barefoot or wearing grounding/earthing sandles. Yes, this means I am barefoot when I go to the grocery story, walk around town, and even work out. Basically, the idea behind grounding/earthing is that the earth emits a naturally frequency that balances out our natural body cycle and hormones. We can expose ourselves to this frequency by being barefoot or wearing earthing sandles. Grounding is basically re-connecting our bodies to “The Mother-ship”, that is the earth. So, remember to take those shoes off and walk around outside barefoot for just 10 minutes. Your natural body cycle will thank you.

7. Sleep In Colder Enviroments

Growing up, I found myself rolling around in my bed at night in a puddle of sweat, waking up the next morning angry and tired. It’s no fun. The quality of my sleep is reliant upon the temperature of the room I’m sleeping in. I’m always looking for ways to keep my core body temperature lower. Even if that means jumping in a cold shower for 2 minutes before bed or not eating big meals at night, I’m doing it. Countless studies back this up as well, colder temperatures lead to deeper sleep. So, next time you get the chance to choose leaving the window open or closed at night, take into consideration this tip.

All and all, everything that I do throughout my day now, is centered around one idea and question, what time do I want to fall asleep that evening? I plan all of my work, meals, workouts, and meditations around when I want to be sleeping by.

Boom! There we have it, y’all. Wow, I’m realizing that I really do have an obsession with sleep. I’m also discovering how much I appreciate writing these posts. I enjoy them, in large part, because I Love sharing with you, the readers, what has worked so brilliantly for me. All of these tools have changed my Life for the better and I hope they will for you also, only without having to go through the process of extensive and sometimes frustrating trial-and-error. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude towards the leaders in the research of sleep; Legends like, Shawn Stevenson (modelhealthshow.com), and Dave Asprey (bulletproof.com) and many others.

I also want to Thank You for reading. This was a long one, I know. Thanks for sticking around. As always, feel free to reach out and leave a comment or send an email to say hello. If you’re really getting something from these articles, donations are more than appreciated; just click on the donate button at the bottom of my page or on the top right of my main page. You guys are awesome. Thank you for allowing me to share. Always remember to… B R E A T H E.

One Love,


If you want to find out more on the importance of sleep, check out the masters, Shawn Stevenson here and Dave Asprey here.

5 Tips For A Great Morning Routine

Hello-Hello-Hello Beautiful Beings. As always, I’d like to wish you the best of health in your mind, body, and spirit. Since I’ve begun traveling, I’ve noticed that in order for me to keep a healthy mind-body-spirit, I need a solid morning routine. Obviously, as a traveler, there really is no such thing as a routine. What I mean by a morning routine here is that there’s a set of activities that I can perform in the morning, no matter where I’m at in the world, to set myself up for a stellar day and ready to take on any beautiful challenge that The Universe provides.

I never had much of a morning routine growing up. Until I was 25, I kinda woke up and took whatever I thought the world was handing me. I was in total “reactionary” mode. I would wake up, look at my phone, watch T.V., make breakfast and allow whatever was out there on those media streams to affect and control my thoughts for the rest of the day. I realize now how irresponsible that was of me. I realize now, that in order to experience personal growth everyday, I need to start the morning with time to myself, to reflect within, to center myself, and to pump myself up for whatever experiences await.

Throughout my travels, I’ve replaced and upgraded a few simple morning activities that have proved miraculous in the way of how my days unfold.

I’m going to share with you fabulous readers, some tips that have allowed me to create an Epic Morning Routine. I’m not saying that these are going to work for you. But, I’m sure many of you can relate to the idea that I was once waking up everyday to a world that I though was happening “to me”. I now realize that the world is happening “for me” and “with me”. I Am The Creator of this beautiful dream and I credit a good amount of this to a healthy morning routine. As always, I ask that you take this “stuff” that I’m sharing not as advice, or me telling you that this is the right way and only way to achieve happiness, because it’s not. This is “the stuff” that’s helped me along my journey and I write this in hopes that it will benefit you as well. But, if not, it’s all good. I understand that we are all on journeys of our own and walking our own unique paths of greatness. So, without further ado, here’s some tips for a fabulous morning routine. I hope you guys enjoy.

1. Move

Movement is an essential part of my morning routine because it gets me breathing, sweating (hopefully) , and gives me some alone time to center myself for the day. Plus, it makes me feel like a rockstar having accomplished healthy exercise while most others are hitting the snooze button. Movement is mandatory because it gets energy moving throughout my body in ways that normal daily activity doesn’t. It purifies my lungs with fresh air. If I don’t move early in the morning, I find it hard to be at my best. Movement for me consists of literally anything! The types of movement that sit atop my list of go-to’s are running, walking, yoga, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). Don’t get me wrong, I Love surfing and ice skating too but I’ve recognized that as a world traveler these are sometimes not options. When I first began traveling, I would feel sorry for myself, pout, and make up excuses of why I couldn’t accomplish my morning movement. Since then, I’ve learned how to be flexible with any situation. I’ve upped my creativity to make the most of any environment; I’ve found myself doing Yoga in hostel kitchens at 5am, running under the stars in snowy, -5 degree weather before 7am work, and doing HIIT workouts at 5am in communal areas of shared accommodation before anyone rises. There’s a reason why I have movement at #1 on this list and that’s because it allows me to take on anything throughout the day.

2. Meditate/ Mindfulness

If you aren’t someone who enjoys meditating yet, you can still invest 5 to 10 minutes in the morning for “mindfulness” time. Mindfulness time consists of sitting or lying on your back and doing nothing. Yes, you heard me right, don’t do anything for 10 minutes. Don’t move. That’s it. Think about whatever you wish. Think about nothing if it feels right. If you choose, during these 10 minutes you can imagine your perfect day and set intentions on how you wish for your experiences to play out. You can also take your attention to your breath during this time, just focusing on your inhale and exhale, clearing your mind of everything else. I’ve noticed that by taking this mindfulness time, it has allowed me to be 100% more compassionate and generous throughout my day. If I’ve taken time in the morning to help myself, I can do anything to help others the rest of the day.

3. Cold Shower (2-5 Minutes)

photo Cred: instanthealthylife.com

I LOVE starting the day out with a cold shower. I know this sounds crazy but this is an absolute must for me to start the day. There’s so much science now behind cold showers and cold therapy. Cold showers have proven to not only enhance brain activity and brain clarity but also have shown to help reduce inflammation and burn body fat. Trust me, I understand how hard this can be in some situations. But, I’m not sharing this with you guys because it kind-of-works for me. This is a must on my morning routine list and no matter where I’m at, I’m finding any sort of cold water to get all over my body for 2-5 minutes; even if that means submerging myself in the below freezing temperature of New Zealand glacial river water. If you want to find out more on how beneficial cold water exposure is, check out “The Iceman” Wim Hof. If you aren’t familiar with this guy, I highly suggest you check him out, he will blow your mind. Link to Wim’s Website here.

4. Intermittent-Fasting (Short Term Not Eating)

Fasting is an ancient, tried and true practice that can be a revolutionary means for taking your brain health, physical health, and spiritual health to the next level. Historical examples of the use of fasting for health and spirituality abound. Hippocrates, a proponent of fasting, believed it was the key to the body being able to heal itself and once said, “…to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.” Native American Tribes used Fasting in conjunction in vision quests to amplify their ability to be able to reach states of higher dimension

Ben Greenfield Fitness author, personal trainer, nutritional consultant and wellness adviser

I first want to throw a disclaimer out here; what I’m sharing is in no way medical advice, check with your doctor before attempting any type of fasting if you are new to any of this.—-Okay, although society has set us up to believe that we need three meals a day to live a “healthy” life, this has indeed proven to be very untrue for myself. During my years of travel I’ve noticed a correlation between my productivity and focus in the morning relating in large part to not eating. I’ve noticed increased amounts of energy too throughout my day, by not eating. And not to mention, saves me good hour-or-so in my most energetic times of the morning. About a year ago, I wanted to find out why this was. “Why do I feel so good physically, mentally, and spirtually by not eating in the morning?” I quickly turned to my mentor, Joe Wilkinson (Nowheretour.com), for advice. He guided me to the world of “Intermittent Fasting”. Yes, turns out that there is an enormous community of people that have experienced the same benefits I have. Joe guided me to an expert in this field named Ben Greenfield. I’m super thankful to have found my way into the world of fasting. Now-a-days, I fast for about 18 hours a day, usually from after dinner at 7pm to the next day at around 2pm. But there’s all sorts of different fasting types you can try out. For more information on this cool stuff, you can check it out all over the web and I recommend taking a look at Ben Greenfield Fitness Here.

5. Learn/ Reflect/ Journal

Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.

Robin Sharma, Author of 5am Club

Take some time in the morning to read a book, listen to a podcast, or research something that you’ve been wanting to learn more about. Write your new findings in a journal. I’ve found so much personal growth through journaling. Journaling has helped me get clear with my visions of what I want to experience and the actions I must take to move closer to them. It’s also helped me release old negative emotion and past experiences by simply putting the pen to paper. Journaling has even helped me get clear with my understanding of my true voice. Most of us have so many voices inside of our head and we aren’t quite sure which one to listen to, journaling helps solve this. I could go on and on about the benefits of journaling. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, I say, write down your thoughts.

6. BONUS: Stay Away From Technology For The First 30min-1hr of Your Day

By waking up and checking our phone’s immediately, it puts us into a “reactionary” state. How are we supposed to be able to go and meditate calmly if we’ve just received a nasty email from our ass hole boss saying he needs us to work the weekend? We can’t. So stay away from it for the 1st hour of your day. Take the time for you. To center yourself. And then you’ll be prepared to face the email head on with confidence and compassion.

Okie-Dokie Everyone! Thanks so much for reading. I’m so fortunate for every magical thing that traveling has opened my eyes to; my morning routine being one of them. I’m always looking for new ways to improve the beginning hours of my day, or all the hours of my day for that matter! So, if any of you can offer any advice on things I can incorporate into my morning routine, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section and/or shoot me an email mitchywilder@gmail.com. I Love trying new “stuff”, so anything is encouraged. Love You ALL!

One Love


Takeaways From The 3 Days Of Silence

Hello Everybody! It’s good to be back using my words again, that’s for sure. I’ve recently completed 3 days of silence. My lips were sealed for three whole days. I know, right? I’ve never even gone a day without speaking. Even when I was hiking through the mountains and forests of New Zealand by myself for 30 days, I was still talking to myself using words everyday throughout the journey. So, this was definitely something new for me and I’m glad I tried it out.

I would like to say that I’m super lucky that I was able to do this. Not having to go to work made this experience possible. The Coronavirus situation helped a lot and being told to stay at home made it that much easier to try this out.

I definitely learned a few things from not talking for 72 hours. And I’d be more than happy to share them with you guys. So here we go, the things I learned from not speaking for 3 days.

1. Talking Uses SO Much Energy

As soon as I started, I quickly noticed how much energy I was conserving simply by not talking. It brought me to the understanding of how much energy we expend on talking during the day. So, if any of you out there are looking for ways into which you can conserve energy, this is probably the easiest way to do it.

2. Emotions Don’t Exist Without Words

This is the hardest one for me to explain in words. I haven’t fully digested this one yet, so bear with me on the explanation. Over the 72 hours of silence, I felt like all of my emotions went away. Since I wasn’t able to say anything, I felt like there was no energy given to any emotion. You know the old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all”? Well I came to understand the depth behind that old saying. If I didn’t use my words to energize any negative emotions, they simply didn’t exist. For example, on the 2nd day, there was a time when I was having trouble communicating to Misha that I wanted to wait to eat lunch with her and not on my own. I felt this strong energy build up inside of me right where my gut/solar plexus is located. If I was able to use my words I would have called this feeling “frustration”. But, I couldn’t give it a name. So, all I felt was this really intense energy inside of me. I don’t know if any of you have tried this but if you find yourself getting angry and you stop and focus to see what the anger feels like inside your body and where it’s located, you end up recognizing that the anger is actually just an energy inside of you, not good or bad. It’s an energy that you realize that needs to be released or dispersed. Anyways, by me not being able to say “man I’m so frustrated” all I felt was this weird energy in my gut. What did I do? I had no idea what to do at first so I went in a room alone, spread myself out on the ground, and began to breath the energy out of me. And after about 20 minutes, it worked. Throughout the three days, I felt other energy inside also. When I was surfing, I felt a certain energy circulating through my body that most would call “Joy” but since I couldn’t say “Man, I’m so happy” or “This is so awesome” the energy stayed circulating as just that, a nice energy. It made me think, “are we angry only because we can call it anger?” Does sadness exist without words? Or is it just another one of the infinite energies, neither good or bad, that we experience throughout the day. I don’t really know how to explain this yet as you can tell. But, it definitely makes me wonder why I felt like I was in a complete state of “Content-ness” for 3 days. Never too high or never too low. Just Being. Super interesting and I look forward to knowing how to explain myself better with this in the future. But for now I’m still kind of letting it digest.

#3 New Senses Hightened

Photo Cred: spring.org.uk

This was probably the most interesting of what happened to me over the course of the 72 hours. This is also the thing that is going to make me sound the most crazy when I share this with you. But it is what it is, I’m here to share my honest experience and this was a cool part of it. On the 2nd day of silence, I had just finished up a light chakra meditation. I walked to the living room to see what my lady was up to. That’s when it happened. I began to feel and see Misha’s Aura around her. I could see a thin white layer of energy surrounding her entire body. And on the outside of that white energy field I could see an even bigger layer of energy that was blue in color. It was pretty crazy. I motioned for Misha to stand upright at the center of the room and to close her eyes while I stood on the opposite side of the room. I realized that I could only see Misha’s Aura as long as I didn’t focus on looking at her physical body. Once I could see her Aura I then realized that I could control her physical body. For real! I began raising and lowering her arms with her eyes closed from across the room. With her eyes still closed, she had kind of a surprised and crazy look on her face like “woahhh this is crazy!”. This went on for probably 30 minutes. I truly don’t know how this came upon me and how I was doing this but I do believe that by taking away my speaking, it enhanced my ability to be able to communicate in a different way. It was pretty awesome. Seeing someone’s Aura is a really wild experience and I plan on practicing this more. After I ended my silence I began to research what it possibly was that I was experiencing by seeing Misha’s Aura. I found a few interesting things. I don’t need to share it all here but Check out this link if you want, How Some People See Auras . And the picture above is the closest image I could find to show what I was seeing around Misha. Pretty Wild.

There ya have it, y’all. The things I learned from being silent for 72 hours. Would I do it again? Yeah, I think I would. Next time for longer though. And maybe in a little more secluded environment. The hardest part that I experienced was when I was out in public, mainly walking to and from the beach. The community that I happen to be in, is close-knit and the people are so damn nice. You can’t walk anywhere without passing by someone that says hello. If I were in a big city, the silence would be easy to keep. I’d just throw in headphones and walk the streets unbothered. But the community that I’m currently in, like I said, everyone is so fricken nice. It’s like a step back in time in a way. If you’ve ever seen, “The Sandlot”, this community reminds me of the 4th of July scene, only with much bigger houses. You know what I’m talking about. It’s one of those neighborhoods where you go out for an evening walk and all the families are playing in their front yards laughing and saying hi to all the neighbors that pass. It’s one of those neighborhoods where the children run across the street in the morning and knock on the neighbors door to get their friend to come out and play. It’s the kind of community where the guys have a beer in their driveway at the end of the day with the garage door open calling out for any surrounding gents come to join. It’s warm.

I’m super excited to be back talking now and I’m blessed with deeper awareness on how many words I don’t need to use throughout the day, especially negative ones. I found out that there’s no need to energize negative thoughts with words. And if we ever find ourselves experiencing these powerful energies inside of us…all we need to remember to do is. B R E A T H E.

One Love,